About Us

Who We Are

Chef & Song is a gathering of patrons who celebrate our time with friends and family as we bolster a lively crossover culture of fine dining and live performance, in North Texas restaurants.

What We Do

We invite people to explore a unique crossover culture of fine dining and performance art in North Texas restaurants. We talk with artists and patrons shaping our community, share ideas and opinions, journal our own observations, and invite friends to experience our favorite local artists performing in the best restaurants.

“I think we get fixated on the experiences that separate us. Chef & Song reminds us of the experiences that bring us together.”

— Ron Thompson, Chef & Song founder

Our Vision

Our vision is a vibrant crossover culture of fine dining and performance art that is robust, emotional, and intimate. We strive for our efforts to bolster a unique footprint in local culture and economies, creating the third places that anchor neighborhoods, and fostering shared experiences people carry with them for a lifetime.

Our Values

• The culinary and performing arts are celebrated for bringing together people with diverse backgrounds, education, and ways of thinking to share in the same experience.
• Food and music share common histories and cultures. Like us, they should be celebrated for what they have in common and bring out in each other.
• When remembering people we love, we often first remember their favorite food and their favorite music. It is an honor and a responsibility to be custodians of both.
• Chefs in the kitchen and performers in the dining room are artists. We honor their contributions as creators of culture and commerce.