The Long.

The crossover culture of fine dining and live musical performance is robust, emotional, and intimate. It has a unique footprint in local culture and economies, creates the third places that anchor neighborhoods, and fosters shared experiences people carry with them for a lifetime.

“Music and food is language of culture. It reminds us of our heritage. It reminds us of home. It’s what we think of when we think of family.”

— David Tercero, PhD

Chef & Song is a community of patrons who love good food and live performance. Together, we host musical events in our favorite restaurants, support the artists and entrepreneurs shaping this culture, and celebrate our time with friends and family through these experiences.

“Nothing is a more familiar reminder of people we love, than their favorite foods and the songs you share.”

— Chef Anastacia Quiñones

The Chef & Song experience is not one where artists perform in the background while guests dine. Neither is it a concert with a catered buffet in the back. We encourage a truly crossover experience where food and music share a stage in the same performance.

“I always tell people that no matter what you look like, no matter what you sound like, no matter what you believe in, no matter who you go to bed with, at night — the one thing that binds us is food. Everyone has a story to tell through food.”

— Chef Blythe Beck