Creative Capitalist: Ron Thompson

Photo by Hank Henley.

I work in advertising as a designer. Modern Luxury Magazine in Dallas once called me a “creative capitalist” for my approach to social enterprise, though. I use the money I make in the creative field, the influence I gain, and the resources that both will afford to create new companies using artists to address economic, social, and cultural challenges. I call this work my investments and they cross all creative sectors including the visual, performing, culinary, cinema, literary, education, and communication arts.

“I’ve always been a designer. It’s the scope of what I design that constantly changes.”

— Ron Thompson

Admittedly, my ideas sometimes flop. Other times I can hit it out of the park. That’s life for an artist-entrepreneur. We have to understand why something doesn’t work, in order to make something else work really well. The trick is to keep exploring, keep investing, and definitely keep creating.