Chef & Song Cabaret Club

Linda & Larry Petty perform for guests of the Chef & Song Cabaret Club, at Pink Magnolia in Oak Cliff. (PhotoS by Carolina Campos.)

The Chef & Song Cabaret Club is a community of patrons who bring our favorite local artists to perform in the best restaurants. These events are free. We don’t sell tickets. There are no entry fees or cover charges. We ask that the restaurants offer their full menu with no minimum purchase. We provide everyone with storytelling tools — both pre and post event — and we even help track the economic footprint.

Our goal is to remove the common roadblocks artists and restaurants share in partnering together and help them focus on the three basics: Food. Music. Community. It is our intention that after we leave a restaurant, we pave the way for new relationships between restaurateurs and artists with an invigorated awareness of cultural and economic opportunities.

Photos by Carolina Campos.