Not many people have lived in Dallas as long as octogenarians, Jack Evans and George Harris. Not many couples have been together as long as Jack and George — 55 years and counting. But no one in Dallas shares their unique notoriety.

After five decades together, Jack and George are the first gay couple, in Dallas County, to be married. To hear them tell stories of their lives together is to also hear stories of a Dallas that most of us never knew and is forever changed.

Pour a cup of coffee and listen to PART 1, of our conversation.


Jack & George met at a party on Lomo Alto Drive, in Dallas, Texas, on January 19, 1960. They were married on June 26, 2015.

“I was 26. I had looked all over the United States for this and this exactly what I want. I said, ‘This is it!’”

— George reflects on the first time he met Jack in 1960.

Pour another cup and listen to PART 2, of our conversation.

Written by Ron Thompson
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