GRAMMY Awards nominees, Linda & Larry Petty, are Chef & Song featured artists at Pink Magnolia on Monday, December 7, 2015. (Photo by Hank Henley.)

Chef & Song is coming to Pink Magnolia — and we’re bringing Linda and Larry Petty with us!

GRAMMY Awards nominees

Linda & Larry Petty

Two shows. One evening.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Seating starts at 5:00PM for our 6:00PM show.
Seating starts at 7:15PM for our 8:15PM show.

There will be cocktail service on the porch for guests without a reservation.
Limited seating will also be available at the bar.

Guests wanting a table for both shows will need to tell Pink Magnolia staff when making a reservation.

Call (469) 320-9220 for reservations.

There are no tickets, cover charges, or entry fees.
Chef Blythe Beck offers her full menu with no minimum purchase.

Pink Magnolia
642 W. Davis Street
Dallas, Texas 75208

Chef & Song bolsters crossover culture of food and live music in Dallas and North Texas.
Where restaurants become performance halls, is a crossover of food and live music culture that is robust, emotional, and intimate. It has a unique footprint in local economies, creates the third places that anchor neighborhoods, and fosters shared experiences people carry with them for a lifetime.

From the podcast: Listen to my conversation with Chef Blythe Beck, right before she started Pink Magnolia.

From the podcast: Listen to my conversation with the Pettys. Their life together is a love song.

Written by Ron Thompson
My passion is exploring this crossover culture of food and stage — the people who create it, love it, revel in it, and use it to make where we live a better place to be. Find Chef & Song on Facebook