Corey Paul Breedlove at Opening Bell Coffee, Southside on Lamar in Dallas. (Photo by Ron Thompson.)

I asked Corey Breedlove what his friends think having a popular crooner in their midst. His laugh fails to belie his age, admitting most of them don’t know what a crooner does. Often described as a “young Sinatra” he’s been making a name for himself singing jazz standards in bars, restaurants and now upscale private events.

Corey explains his music is an exploration of himself as an artist. As he changes, so does his music. Seeing him now, it’s hard to envision this journey started in a psychedelic rock band. Stepping away from long-haired rocker toward something of a Rat Pack hipster has been part of that exploration. He modestly admits he’s surprised it has resonated so quickly with people. He has new fans and new opportunities to explore. It made me wonder where this journey would go. He’s reticent to divulge too much about projects in the works, promising only that they will be “different” — and maybe “young Sinatra” could have a shorter shelf life than some may like.

“It’s not about me. It’s about [patrons] saying we’re going to go out tonight and see what happens. I want that to be a good thing. I want to give them an environment where they can do something special.”

— Corey Paul Breedlove

Pour a cup of coffee and listen to our conversation.

Written by Ron Thompson
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