Like most really cool things in my career, the idea of Chef & Song started at the Sammons Center for the Arts — a unique space for a unique need in the community. Located in a century-old water pumping station, Sammons helps grow startup to mid-sized performing arts groups through affordable office, rehearsal, and performance space, as well as, management, education, technology, and collaboration services. Sammons is home to over a dozen performing arts groups and used by hundreds more representing every part of the creative sector. And if that wasn’t enough, it programs the longest running jazz series in Dallas, has a youth jazz program, and recently launched a wildly popular cabaret series — all featuring local artists.

I had coffee with the executive director, Joanna St. Angelo. We talked about the business side of the arts, advocacy, arts and entrepreneurship, and Dallas as a creative city.

“Given its importance, everyone should have access to the arts.”

— Joanna St. Angelo

Pop in your earbuds, pour some coffee, and listen to our conversation here:

Written by Ron Thompson
My passion is exploring this crossover culture of food and stage — the people who create it, love it, revel in it, and use it to make where we live a better place to be. Find Chef & Song on Facebook